Why Do Body Fluid Spills Represent A Serious Workplace Safety Issue?

Simply stated, body fluid spills introduce a set of serious risks for organizations. They raise a number of important safety and business concerns. These concerns center around the potential spread of infectious diseases that are carried by body fluids.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell if a body fluid spill is infectious by looking at it. As a result, organizations should treat every body fluid spill as if it carries potentially infectious diseases – even if the spill is a small one. Many pathogens are very contagious and can survive on workplace surfaces for days or weeks.

If body fluid spills aren’t responded to appropriately and quickly by trained team members, pathogens can be easily spread to employees, customers, students and other stakeholders.

Ultimately, body fluid spills carry with them a set of meaningful business risks. These risks include:

  • Employee downtime
  • Reduced productivity
  • Lost revenues
  • Reputation damage
  • Increased regulatory scrutiny
  • Employee and foodborne illness litigation

As we mentioned before, body fluid spills should be taken very seriously. Arming your team members with an effective solution can help to strengthen your risk management planning.