Issues for Foodservice Organizations

Let’s face it, accidents happen.  We don’t know where and or when, but it’s a good bet that your team will need to respond to a body fluid spill at some point.  From a compliance standpoint, body fluid spills touch on regulatory frameworks for foodservice organizations:

  • The OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, which require all employers to provide protections for their employees and
  • The US Food Code, which has been adopted by most state and local health departments and requires written procedures for responding to vomit and diarrhea events.

How does an spill kit help?

When seconds count, there is no easier way to clean up body fluids, protect the public, and satisfy health inspectors, all while being kind to the earth. Each kit contains printed instructions, head-to-toe PPE, every tool needed for cleanup, exclusively bundled with PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer for the fastest-acting pathogen-killing power you’ll find. In addition, our Eco-Friendly body fluid spill kit is 100% disposable and 83% biodegradable! It is your OSHA- and U.S. Food Code-compliant protocol in a box.

We help your brand survive a potential crisis.

Let’s face it, WORD SPREADS. One episode of vomiting in your eatery and you have a real crisis with which to deal, one that, without solid advance planning and training can damage your brand and worse, sicken the patrons who trust you to run a right operation. When these vomit, feces, or other bodily fluid emergencies occurred in the past — the industry trained staff to simply clean it up in a hurry. The biggest worry? Clean quickly and don’t offend surrounding customers.

We now know better. Norovirus spreads fast, contaminating mops and shoes and just about everything else brought to the scene. Now we know that cleaning it right takes planning. It lives on surfaces for weeks and even when exposed to bleach, can continue its spread of foodborne illness.

We do the planning. is the developer of the gold standard in Food Safety Spill Kits. We partner with major chains to implement the protocol mandated by the U.S. Food Code* as it relates to vomit, fecal matter, and other biological spills.

More than the kit and the thoughtful supplies inside, we provide a process that changes corporate culture and encourages best practices.

Plus, each kit contains 83% biodegradable materials to be kind to the environment without sacrifi cing effectiveness. Education begets procedural excellence. Readiness spreads through your organization … fast.

What types of organizations should be interested in spill kits for food safety reasons?

According to the FDA’s U.S. Food Code, “food establishments” must have procedures in place for vomiting or diarrheal events. This is not just restaurants. It also includes any store that sells food—even prepackaged items like chips, candy bars, and sodas. Stadium concession stands and nursery schools that dole out snacks or meals need to be compliant, too. If you think it might impact you, it probably does. Here is a partial list:

  • Restaurants
  • C-stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Snack bars/concession stands
  • Department stores/big-box retailers
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Other health care facilities
  • Schools
  • Cafeterias
  • Commissaries
  • Sports stadiums
  • Food trucks
  • Gas stations
  • Food courts/shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Spas

Let the team at OSHAKits.ocm help you think through these issues and design a solution that will help your organization minimize risk and protect your employees.