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Northfield Medical Manufacturing (OSHAKits.com) is an FDA-registered distributor of PPE products.

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Packed 20 per box.  $19 per box of 20 certified masks ($0.95/face covering). GB2626-2006 ITEM #: PPE-FC-400.  Minimum order 10 boxes (total of 200 masks).  Total cost for 10 boxes is $190.   Shipping included.  USA DOMESTIC CUSTOMERS ONLY.  

Available ONLY in lots of 200 face covers (10 x “20 count” boxes) 

(NOTE:  face coverings are packed 20 per box / Each box has two (2)  sealed bags of 10 face covers each)

Price: $19 per box of 20-count protective masks FREE SHIPPING!! (USA addresses ONLY)

The PPE-FC-500 respirator is designed for at least 95% filer efficiency against both oil and non-oil contaminants. The shell is collapse resistant and features great durability and reliability in most hot, humid conditions. 20 per box.

  • 5-Layer Construction:
    Non woven cloth.  5 layers for maximum filtration of particles. Shelf Life 2 years
  • More than 95% filtration efficiency, equivalent to N95:
    Effectively filters out air pollution, dust, bacteria, odor, dust, pollen, and so on, protecting the respiratory system. 
    FDA & CE Certified. GB2626-2006KN95
  • Optimal fitment:
    Three-dimensional cutting, fine stitching. The KN95 face mask fits your face tightly.
  • Elastic earloop:
    High-quality elastic earloop, suitable for different face shapes and sizes. Does not slip, allows you to attach or remove quickly and easily.
  • Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge strip:
    Metal nose-bridge strip can be pressed gently to fit the nose bridge for a better seal.

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NOTE: Protect yourself from airborne dust, pollen and other allergens with the KN95 Protective Face Mask from Northfield Medical Manufacturing. This product will help prevent the spread of germs and protect yourself from airborne particles and allergens. Not for use if breathing is impeded or unsteady, or during sleep. Masks are disposables.

  • 5-ply filtration
  • Low profile for better visibility 
  • Fits securely over face: to prevent shifting during movement
  • Advanced electronically charged microfibers to help make breathing easier
  • Adjustable Straps & Nose Clip for Comfort and Seal


High-quality, disposable KN95 face mask by an FDA approved manufacturer.  Our masks meet or exceed GB2626-2006 and KN95 standards. Particulate filtering at 95 percent or greater filtration efficiency for particles down to 0.3 microns in size. Comfortable, light-weight mask with earloops and adjustable nosepiece for secure fit and seal. Five-layer construction with breathable design. Keep your family, friends, or employees safe with our brand new and high quality KN-95 with 5 layers of filtering protection.  This mask is manufactured overseas with FDA approval to help stop the spread of dangerous disease and virus. Every 10 masks packed into a sealed bag. two sealed bags per box.

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