FAQ Posters: Vomit Spills

Enjoy our Workplace and Food Safety posters that can be used for safety instruction and training. We will continually be updating these free safety resources that will touch on a number of important topics. They can be downloaded at no charge using the links below. OSHAKits.com is a leading provider of body fluid spill kits and absorbent materials for schools, restaurants and other workplaces.

There is never a good place to have an unplanned vomit event. An unplanned spill in the workplace can introduce multiple risks. Use our posters below to learn more about how and where vomit can affect your workplace.

Poster 1

Vomit Spill

Top six operating risks for organizations.

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Poster 2

Vomit Can Be Dangerous

Four reasons vomit spills might pose a danger.

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Poster 3

Where Vomiting Occurs

Common areas where spills happen in workplaces.

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